Silicone Covers

    Silicone Covers set of 6 - $12.00

    • xsmall (2.6" round)
    • small (3.8" round)
    • medium (4.5" round)
    • large (5.7" round)
    • xlarge (6.5" round)
    • xxlarge (8.1" round)

    Silicone Zip Top Dishes

    • small (16oz) $14.00
    • medium (24oz) $17.00
    • large (32oz) $20.00

    Silicone Zip Top Bags

    • snack (4oz) $10.00
    • sandwich (24oz) $13.00



    Silicone Covers: These round silicone covers are a perfect alternative to using plastic wrap, come in handy for replacing lost lids, and can provide a cover for cut fruit and vegetables. Easy to clean with soap and water, they are also dishwasher and microwave safe. Eventhough they are circular in shape, their stretch and flexibilty allow them to fit most shaped containers (even square).

    Silicone Zip Top Dishes and Bags: Made in the USA with 100% platinum grade silicone, these versatile, stand-up, zip-top, dishes and bags are completely free of BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalates. Use Zip Top containers for food prep, cooking, lunches, left overs, snacks on the go, travel, food storage, crafting and just about anything you can imagine. Dishwasher, microwave and  freezer safe, their award winning design stands up, stays open for filling and zips shut for sealing. Zip Top was designed with the environment in mind; one Zip Top can replace 5000+ disposable bags!




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