Refillable Plastic Pouch

PriceFrom $0.80
  • Borrow a refillable stand-up pouch for a small deposit, which is credited upon return at your next purchase. 


    • $0.80 deposit / 3.25 oz
    • $1.00 deposit / 8.5 oz
    • $1.10 deposit/ 17 oz
    • $1.50 deposit / 34 oz
    • $2.25 deposit / 68 oz
    • $5.00 deposit / 3L (102 oz)
    • $5.00 deposit / 5L (170 oz)
  • Clear, Side Spout, Stand-up Pouch Bag with Handle. Perfect for quick and easy zero waste shopping without the breakable jars and clunky containers. Simply get your fill, empty them out into your container of choice at home, and return to us for a credit on your next refill.

    All returned pouches are properly cleaned and sanitized to ensure a fresh refill for everyone.

    PLEASE NOTE: Adding this item to your cart does not include detergents and soaps. This item is for the bag only.