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    • Snowshoe
    • Fiddlehead
    • Yurt
    • Dance in the Moonlight
    • Camping
    • Dandelion Flower
    • Pine Tree Forest
    • Narwhal
  • These hankies are made from organic cotton, with each wash the fabric gets softer and softer and becomes an old friend.


    *Mopping your brow
    *Blowing your nose
    *Wiping away tears
    *Drying your hands
    *Cleaning your glasses

    Size: Approximately 10" x 14"

    Ink: The ink color is made from eco friendly materials.

    Packaging: Each handkerchief comes with a unique postcard explaining what uses it has and good reasons to use one. To not waste this piece of card stock it has been made into a postcard to use and send to a friend to let them know how cool handkerchiefs are. The plastic packaging that holds it all together is vegetable based and can be put into your compost to break down.

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