thinking outside the plastic bottle

The concept for homebody refill was born in the Spring of 2019. It started as a bug in my ear, a thorn in my side, and, most definitely, a stone in my shoe.

In other words, a concept that demanded my attention!


I was becoming obsessed with the idea that my buying habits were

ruining the planet and I should be doing something about it.


Single-use plastic was literally ramming its usefulness up sea

turtles’ nostrils, and clogging oceans with its convenience. And I

was a contributor. I didn’t intentionally cause the blight, but my buying

habits kept it fed.


And so, I pondered what a world without single-use plastic would look like.

It wasn’t enough to be thinking outside the box; instead, I started thinking

outside the plastic bottle, and that is where I found my answers.


homebody refill is not just a place where you can refill your hair, body,

kitchen and laundry products; homebody refill is a place where education happens, changes take place and solutions begin.

our product choice commitment:

  • no single-use plastic

  • organic and sustainably sourced ingredients

  • environmentally sound manufacturing practices

  • cause no harm to animals, humans or mother earth

1x1 waving homebody.png

(left) Joan, homebody refill owner & founder, helps educate shop customers on new products and zero waste practices (right) The very first homebody refill storefront opens in downtown Sebastopol, bringing zero waste options to the community